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Understand Your Skin as We Do
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At Mirabella our epert skin therapists understand that your skin is as unique as you are which is why we go to great lengths to provide you with the products and tools that can take you to a greater level of happiness with your skin.

Face Mapping® is a complimentary consultation we offer to help you realize your skin goals and find products that will truly work for you. Combining Eastern and Western philosophies, Face Mapping® involves looking at your skin with a trained eye, touching your skin and asking you questions about your lifestyle and environment.

Your Face Mapping® reveals your true skin type and possible underlying causes of skin conditions you might have such as breakout activity, dehydration, sensitivity and/or uneven skin tone. These insights drive the recommendations we make in your personalized Skin Fitness Plan.

Schedule your complimentary Face Mapping® consultation today!  360.378.4250 or

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